Data Scientist & Mapping Specialist AIRBUS

  • Employeur : Autre entreprise privée
  • Région : Occitanie
  • Publication : 13/01/2023
  • Référence : 228-002
  • Pourvue : Non

Embedded in the Geospatial Solution Development team, the Data Scientist & Mapping Specialist is responsible for the end-to-end development, specification, monitoring and maintenance of satellite data science workflows and processing algorithms/ analytics, addressing diverse use cases in multiple verticals market.

As Data Scientist & Mapping Specialist you will define and deliver the foundation layers of the 2D and 3D environment, generate topographic maps and vector database leveraging high-end satellite data and derive thematic maps such as aeronautical obstacles, land use / land cover to fuel our existing and future geospatial solutions addressing commercial and defence use cases (air mobility, low level flights, simulation, eTOD, land management, urban planning, green islands, environmental impact assessment & monitoring, etc.

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